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Lightning PictureLoad is a kind of smart “building blocks” component for designer’s everyday’s work. The component just loads Flash supported external image sources and also simple movie clips* into a predefined area on the screen for showing at runtime. Rewriting the same kind of code for different projects all the time inspired us to release this component in hope you may find it evenly useful as we.

There are several modes to specify the scaling of loaded pictures and any (re)loading is indicated to the user with a preloading animation. You can exchange sources on the fly per scripting. Even if those sources have differing sizes, the appearance of the images keeps always consistent regarding the chosen scaling Mode. The pictures appear with a smooth fading animation and are automatically sized and centred to the component area.

This component can be used to generate unified thumbnails from larger images, general purpose picture viewers and galleries and many thinkable applications more. Some events are fired on certain states, so your program logic can react to it.

Loading pictures at runtime is efficient and keeps your resources small. You do not need to write the same lines of code to load and fit pictures at runtime anymore. With the Unload() function you even can free all used resources by the component if no longer needed.


© 2007 - 2010 Lightning - Flash Design & Components

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