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Slide is an animated core component to build horizontal slideshows with the illusion of continuous sliding its content in both directions (forwards, backwards).

It includes event functions to call up the content successively and several options to define the visual appearance of the slide animation. Simple Functions like “Next()” and “Previous()” can be used at runtime to navigate through the content.

The component can load all Flash supported picture formats and simple Flash movie clips* at runtime from local and remote** locations. It is not necessary to preload all the content because pictures are loaded successively on demand in a smart way.

There are a lot of extras implemented, such as “smoothing”, definable speed of animation and duration and the loaded content will be automatically scaled regarding specified algorithms. Slide is freely scalable at designtime to fit into any extent you want without wrongly stretching the content.


© 2007 - 2010 Lightning - Flash Design & Components

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